Gallery Weise: Short biography and art work of Max Lachnit

Grafikbörse: Index of German artists

Index Dresden: Index of art galleries in Dresden

Index Artists: Search for current exhibitions of German artists (in English)

Kunstausstellung Kühl, Dresden

Museum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg

Dresdner Kunstauktionshaus GÜNTHER (Auction house, former Neumeister, in English)

Stanford University (USA): Collections on Recent and Contemporary German Culture and Politics: Cultural History of the German Democratic Republic

German Historical Museum, Berlin (in English): Exponat "Trümmerfrau"

The Architecture of the German Hygiene Museum (in English)

Art Dictionnary

Index of all in the Modern Masters Picture Gallery of Dresden collected works of W. und M. Lachnit (with BW photos.)

Wilhelm Lachnit: Homepage of the painter and brother of Max Lachnit

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