Helene Lachnit

Helene Lachnit and Max Lachnit were married in 1931. She was a tailor and created several dolls and figurines for the Exhibition of Revolution of 1948 in Dresden. After the death of her husband she took care of the artistic estates of Max and Wilhelm Lachnit. With the help of Lothar Janus she organized exhibitions for both brothers. The sale of art made it possible that several plaster sculptures of Max could be casted in bronze for the first time. Helene Lachnit died Mayi 2001 at age 94.


Lothar Janus

Lothar Janus is involved in the administration of the artistic estates of Max and Bill Lachnit since many years. He catalogued the art pieces and collected documenrs about the Lachnits. The bibliography and biography in the catalog of the exhibition of Max Lachnit in the museum Kloster Unser Lieben Frau in Magdeburg and on this webpage were based on his research.He is the co-founder of a workshop in which many of the sculpures were casted in bronze. He saved and saves many of the plaster sculpures which are threatened by decay by restauration. Most of the personal exhibitions of Max and Wilhelm Lachnit were initiated and organized by him. The estates of Max and Wilhelm Lachnit are stored in his house in Dresden (01324 Dresden, Lausitzer Str. 1).


The Museum Kloster Unser Lieben Frau in Magdeburg

The museum Kloster Unser Lieben Frau in Magdeburg owns a big collection of sculpures, paintings and graphics of Max Lachnit. Uwe-Jens Gellner the director of this museum organized two big exhibitions of Max Lachnit's art in 1992 und 2000. The catalog of the commemorative exhibition at the 20th anniversary of Max Lachnit's death presents Max Lachnit's art in great detail. The bibliography and biography and some of the photographs of sculptures and paintings of this webpage are based on or reproduced from this catalog. We are very grateful for this exceptional commitment to the preservation of Max Lachnit's art.


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